My First Meal

Arthur Aroeste // New York, NY

I went to the hospital for an emergency and ended up staying there for a month. I was fed through an IV for almost the entire time. As I grew stronger, I was able to make new friends and chitchat with the hospital staff. I would also dream about real solid foods and talk with my new friends about the days to come when I could eat again. We discussed what I would want to eat and drink and how I would want it all prepared.

The big day arrived after a month when I would finally get my wish. There were about ten people gathered around for the big event. In came my tray. The staff made a big production of removing the metal dome to reveal the feast before my eyes.

I had gotten my wish for steak, only it was a pork steak. Because of the hurried nature of my emergency check-in, the staff did not know that I was Jewish and that I kept kosher. What a let down. After seeing and smelling that feast, I ended up eating a staff member’s leftover peanut butter and jelly sandwich as my first big meal in recovery.

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