Lard of a Lifetime

Eliza Kinkz // Redwood City, CA

At age four, I watched as the ladle dripped sausage gravy all over the hot butter biscuits and felt more baptized at that moment than I ever have since. By the time I reached age six I knew my Abuelita’s chorizo and eggs could cure any ailment. Every day, the year I turned eight, I prayed that my mother would fix a bacon quiche for dinner. These are my crispy recollections of my religious years, as seen through my love of pork.

Eliza Kinkz is an animator/illustrator/fancy cheese partier. Her latest animation film “Chocolate Milk” is currently playing at film festivals. You can offer her peach jam and high fives at elizakinkz.comYou can find “Lard of a Lifetime” and four other memoirs on “Pork and Identity” in the ‘Meat Up’ section of issue 17 of Meatpaper.

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