Pork and Identity: A Meatpaper and Pork Memoirs Collaboration

Various Contributors // Pork Memoirs + Meatpaper

Meatpaper has documented the fleischgeist since its launch in 2007. The magazine—“your journal of meat culture”—has been called many things, but my favorite may be “a vegan’s angry love letter to his/her butcher.” The quarterly features a section called “Meat Up,” in which readers contribute personal stories related to a topic.

For its issue 17, Meatpaper has teamed up with Pork Memoirs to collect real-life stories about pork and identity from both of its readers. 

Illustration by Cy de Groat for the special collaborative “Meat Up” addition to Meatpaper.
  1. Lard of a Lifetime by Eliza Kinkz.
  2. A Muslim Guest at a Protestant Weddingby Leslie Sinclair
  3. The Search for a Messianic Ham by Jake Levin
  4. Inheritance by Michael R. Boone
  5. Sunday Swine by Josh Venne

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